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Section of Theoretical Physics

27.10.2010 15:26
Section of Theoretical Physics "ATOM" Scientific Society of Physics Students is pleased to invite the semester lecture by Dr. Marek Krośnicki titled "Group theory in physics and chemistry applications". The lecture takes place every Tuesday at 1615 in room 418 GB.

Patryk Jasik

e-Experiments in physics

23.9.2010 9:10
Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, implements the project entitled "e-Experiments in physics." The project is co-financed by the European Union under the program of National Cohesion Strategy. Its purpose is to test some innovative software solutions (e-experiments) in teaching physics at secondary schools. These solutions are designed to encourage young people to choose the fields of study of a key importance for the knowledge economy.

Please visit the project website, where you can find detailed information about the project.

Paweł Syty

Department's name change

19.9.2006 8:55
There has been a change in Department's name.
The new name is Department of Theoretical Physics And Quantum Informatics.

Paweł Syty

So we start!

29.5.2006 23:07
The new web-site of our Department has just started.

You can find old version of the page here.

If you have any comments, please send them to my e-mail address.

Paweł Syty

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